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Making Your Way to the Museum

The Gush Katif museum in Jerusalem was founded in the month of August 2008 (Av 7768) and tells the story of the Jewish settlement in Gaza from the Hasmonean period through to our time.

The museum examines the history of the Jewish settlement in Gaza over a timeline of three thousand years. It describes the establishment of the Jewish settlements following the six-day war, presents their development and achievements, and serves as a memorial to a glorious chapter in Jewish history spanning thirty-five years.

It is located close to the entrance to town - Shaarei Zedek St. 5, with a private entrance.

The place is well sign-posted. There is a map.

For visitors arriving on foot:

Our museum is only seven minutes walking distance from the Jerusalem central bus station.

From Jaffa St. —

The entrance to Shaarei Zedek St. is opposite the gas station on HaTurim St., right after the broadcasting authority building (on your left), or five minutes’ walk from Machane Yehuda market.

For visitors arriving by car:

Shaarei Zedek St. is the first street that branches up from Agripas St. on the way to Jaffa St

Coming from the direction of Binyanei HaUma:

Enter Agripas St. and park at the beginning (lower end) of the street - there are parking meters. Alternatively, you can park in the subterranean parking lot beneath the “Shukanion” (a minute’s walk from the museum) and walk up to Shaarei Zedek St.

For visitors arriving by train:

Shaarei Zedek St. is located between the “Machaneh Yehuda” station to “Haturim” station.

For visitors arriving by bus:

Bus lines: 7, 8, 18, 25, 32, 74, 75, 78 — or any line that passes through Agripas St.

For those arriving in a group:

Your bus can enter Agripas St.

Get off the bus at the beginning of the street — opposite the Belz yeshiva. Once there, you need to cross the road on foot and turn in to Shaarei Zedek St.

On Waze – write Gush Katif Museum.

See attached map!

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