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Gush Katif American Consul Menorah Dec 2016

History at the Gush Katif Museum!



History at the Gush Katif Museum!

The Menorah that is to be given to the American Consul in Jerusalem, is on display this Chanukah at the Gush Katif Museum

The “Jerusalem Menorah” is a menorah intended for the American consul soon to be established in Jerusalem. This unique Menorah will be on show at the Museum’s gallery as part of the museum’s Chanukah program.

The Menorah — famously inscribed with the word “Jerusalem” — was built by Dave Pakin (86) after the six-day war. Dave Pakin is a veteran of the settlements, and a founder of Timurim, near Kastina.

Pakin used to build a new Menorah every year, using metal remnants from his large furniture factories. Following the six-day war he constructed the Jerusalem Menorah bearing the word: Jerusalem, in English.

“Ever since the American president elect, Donald Trump, has announced his willingness to transfer the USA consulate to Jerusalem, I have been waiting for an opportunity to gift this Menorah to the newly appointed ambassador, David Friedman, so that it can be displayed on the premises.”

“There is nothing more appropriate than this Jerusalem Menorah being on display at the American consulate, representing the strong connection between America and Israel,” says Dave Pakin, who is currently exhibiting his handcrafted Menorah collection at the Gush Katif Museum.


The Gush Katif Museum and the Menorah Exhibit

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From 10:00am to 17:00pm

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In the photo: Dave Pakin with his Menorah collection, holding the Jerusalem Menorah




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