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Gush Katif without a break!

We hope this finds you well. We wish to tell you about an amazing group of girls from Emunah and Omanut College in Jerusalem who came to identify with Gush Katif

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group of senior adults who still remember the Six Day War came to the Gush Katif Museum

Good evening friends. The nation of Israel never stops loving Gush Katif and today again a group

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Every day we have exciting surprises and today we had an exciting visit of 50 disabled IDF

veterans from the central region who came to study the Gush Katif Museum and our glorious history.

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Purim is around the corner and the demand for Gush Katif

How are you all? Purim is around the corner and the demand for Gush Katif costumes is great. From past experience to dress up connecting to Gush Katif is a real attraction. This year parents are already buying the "Gush Katif" costume for their children.

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MK Elkin at The Gush Katif Museum:

“The majority of the public has learned the lessons of the expulsion — never again!”

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Sharansky at the Museum

Chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, at the Gush Katif Museum

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